Nice to meet you!

Hey, it’s me: Cinemaniac!

I was born Manuela Rossi in 1985 and have been a cinemaniac since I can remember.

I got my bachelor’s in Cinema Studies, then an MFA in Screenwirting, then an MFA in Filmmaking. I worked in film sales for a bit in Hollywood – yes, Hollywood! – then I became an entertainment reporter, and now I work in advertising as a Digital Startegist. Turns out the digital world LOVES video and storytelling… way to use my storytelling skills! #recycle #greeneconomy #hashtagseverywhere

But cinema is still my first love, and hopefully one day I’ll go back to working in the biz. For now, I am happy writing about the most interesting motion pictures that I either watch or can’t wait to consume.

Oh, did I mention that I am an award-winning filmmaker? My thesis film “Lars” was officially selected by 5 film festivals, won 2, and was even featured at the Cannes Short Film Market.

Hope you like what you read! If you want to get in touch, go ahead and drop me a line!


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